Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Socks & Sweater...

Sam knit her first pair of Queen Kahuna socks.  She used Heritage sock yarn for this project.  They turned out beautifully!
Sam said she loved how this sock turns out.  At first it was a bit difficult to decipher the pattern...but, with a bit of help she has now mastered this great sock!  Sam has the extra challenge of figuring out patterns for her left-handedness....she says she's going to re-write the pattern to accomodate this fact.
Linda M. knit her pair of Queen Kahuna socks out of Mountain Colors Crazy Foot.  Her cuff was made on the shorter side with ribbing.  Queen Kahuna guides you to make any type of sock once you have the pattern mastered.  Linda did a beautiful job!
Nancy P. knit this beautiful sweater out of Comfort.  The buttons pull the sweater together and give it a very pretty, finished look.  Thanks for sharing with us Nancy!
Close-up Cable
Carol Higgins knit these beautiful socks out of yarn that Christiane brought back from Switzerland that she gifted to her.  These socks look like a Monet painting in person.
Heel gusset close-up
Bandit is looking a little forlorn as she knows that soon the shop will be closed for a couple of weeks.  

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