Thursday, July 29, 2010

Etsy Fiber Art & Tools

It's a rainy morning here in Northeast CT.  So, what does a fiber artist do when it's raining...well, there are many options...we know this.  One option is to look at Etsy and find fiber related items that any artist would love.  While the shop is closed we want to keep you inspired.  Here a few finds...

Yarn Holder

Gorgeous Tool Box

No more worrying about pulling from the center

Yarn Bell
Nostepinne (Center Pull Yarn Winder)

Jelutong Darning Egg
Knitting Spool

(and of course crocheting...)
While we don't carry these items in the shop...from time to time it's fun to look at what lovely art & tools are available to fiber enthusiasts.  We hope you enjoy any moments you find to work with fiber today...

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