Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sale Yarn..

Yarns With A Twist has a great sale section in the back of the shop! We have a wide variety of yarns in many different fibers.  The yarn ranges from 10-50% off. All of this yarn is good quality yarn.  This has come from discontinued yarn and small amounts of yarn left certain brands.  We have found that when folks discover this little hidden treasure they are thrilled at the variety and savings available. We also have some knitting needles in limited sizes for your to browse through.  These are nice to have as an extra set-up of back needles for those projects you want to take with you on vacation.  Finally, don't forget to look at the sale pattern stash in the back stored in a basket...lots of styles available!

A variety of patterns are available in many different styles.
Jamieson Shetland Wool

We have a variety of needles in different sizes available.

So, we hope this lovely teaser will entice you to stop by and browse through all of our sale yarn.  Who knows...maybe you'll find just what you're looking for!


  1. OHHH, this looks so yummy! A lot to choose from. Decisions, decisions.......

  2. This is a terrific blog and the pics are wonderful. Janet