Friday, July 2, 2010

Seedstitch T...

Sheila S. knit this pretty Seedstitch T Sweater out of cotton.  The rolltop neck and generous drape is beautiful and will accommodate all body types. We have this in the shop if you'd like to have an in person view of it.  It's pretty enough to wear for a special occassion but, practical enough for everyday.  You might want to make one in several colors for your summer wardrobe.
We have had this book in stock for awhile now.  Last winter Sandee ordered this for Linda W. and she has yet to make any of the creatures in it.  However...a customer was in last night buying more yarn for the many vegetables she knits up out of all sorts of yarns for her little friends.  She has knit up some of the Amigurumi creatures...and she promised to bring them by so we could get a photo of them.  Toys are a such a fun and creative project to knit or crochet with all sorts of odd bits of yarns.  They are also a way that one can buy perhaps a more luxurious yarn that only requires a skein or two.  If you have toys you've knit or crocheted and would like to share with us we'd love to photograph them and show them off for everyone to enjoy!

Okay so this is crazy! Knitty had this pattern for a wig on it.  I know none of you would wear such a thing out in public but, you have to admit...knitters and crocheters are a creative lot!
"Reminiscent of that time, this "housewife" wig is a result of my experimentation with the tuck stitch mixed with a little bit of my sense of humor." So says Astor Tsang. I'm putting this photo up in honor Sandee's new found passion for riding her fancy new bike.  Who votes that she makes one of these and wears it riding around the Lebanon Green one day this summer?!

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