1. No returns on yarn after 90 days. Returns should be accompanied by a receipt.

2. We do not allow returns on ANY books, needles or patterns. If there is a special circumstance concerning any of these items that you have purchased, please discuss this with Sandee.

3. All sales on discounted yarns are FINAL.

4. If you cannot find the yarn you are looking for in the shop, we are will to special order it for you. For special orders of yarns that are not considered "house" yarns or yarns that YWAT does not carry, you will be required to purchase the full bag. The amount of yarn that constitutes a full bag is determined by the company. This could include up to 10, or more, skeins.


1. Our classes are free. We only require that you purchase your project from YWAT. This means that you must buy yarn specifically for the class. Unfortunately this also means that you may not use your stash yarn, even if you purchased it at YWAT unless it specifically states otherwise in the class description.

2. Class space is limited. Please make sure you register for courses ahead of time so a place can be reserved for you. Sorry, but walk-ins on the day of class will no longer be permitted. At the time of registration you will be given an information sheet about the class. This includes class days and times, recommended yarn and needles sizes, any homework required prior to class and pattern information. If the pattern is only available as a online download, information where the pattern can be ordered will also be provided.

4. Instructions for classes will be held during class times. Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings or Saturday morning and afternoon. Some classes will have multiple days which should offer sufficuent assistance to complete your project. If additional days are required, a time, mutually agreed upon by the instructor and attendees will be arranged. If you find that you are in need of additional, individual, assistance please call the shop to make an appointment with the instructor. You are always welcome to stop by on the chance that help will be available or if the shop is busy we might not be able to give you the full attention you deserve. Because we value you as a customer and don't want you to be disappointed, please know that not everyone in the shop is familiar with every technique or how the instructor is teaching the class.