Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sue P. crocheted this gorgeous blanket for her grandson out of Mochi Plus.  She designed this round turned octagon blanket herself.  
Remember the turtle from last week...well, Mary crocheted this other turtle for Sandee for her birthday.  So cute!
Bunny Nuggets gone wild!  Deb knit this cute creatures for her grandchildren for Easter.  She created these little bunnies from a chenille.  Since Deb made these cuties....they had to have a skirt and bow added for dramatic flair!  
Beautiful Isabel...she is our resident sock teacher.
Sandee celebrated another birthday!  You are not going to believe this but...three, yes three birthday cakes were polished off by all of the knitters at the shop.  Happy Birthday Sandee!  The birthday sale is ongoing for the rest of the month.  Pick a ticket to find out if you have from 10-35% off on any item in the shop...excluding sale and special order items.
Birthday Smiles!
A birthday gift from Sandee's grandchildren has come to watch over all the comings and goings here at Yarns With A Twist.  Thanks Caleb and Maddie!
Bruce is here with his new spring baby kid!  

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  1. Turtles are everywhere YaY! My sea turtle from the last blog entry - Paddles - made his way home to my newborn nephew Owen for plenty of snuggles!
    This NEW pair who arrived this week --
    "Orville Right" the sea turtle - flew out of the shop and home with Sue for her infirmed relative to keep her spirits up!
    "Murtle the Turtle" became a special mascot in the shop as well as birthday gift for Sandee!
    All of the turtles have been made out of Noro Kureyon for the shells and the bodies out of Lambs Pride.
    Glad you like these designs that were patterned by an online crochet designer friend Sue Usiatynski on Crochetville. She and I share a love of all things "turtle" and her patterns were gifted to me on my birthday!
    So this is the gift that seems to just keep on giving! Love when that happens :)