Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paints....yarn or horses!

We are Yarns With A Twist at Rocking Horse Farm!  Here's why....Bruno showing off one of the horses.
Virginia F. in The Traveler's Coat.  She looks gorgeous.
Linda Wa. and 2 of her friends knit up these socks out of the same Fixation Yarn.  The yarn came out completely different for each pair.  It is such a great idea to do this with some of your friends!
Linda says: "At least 2 years ago, but more likely 3 years ago, I bought this yarn and needles for two of my best friends so we could all make socks alike together  - they wanted to branch out from scarf knitting.  One of us lost track of where she put the project and found it when she was getting out Christmas decorations (or putting them away), and of course there was some ripping out/starting over, but last Friday, everyone was finally finished!  So we had to mark the occasion with a photo and this is it!"
Bandit...if only I could fit on this chair.

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