Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Finale...

Square done on a sampler afghan that Barbara P. is working on. she is.  Barbara is the winner of this months drawing.  She was thrilled as she told us this was the first time she's ever won anything.  We're glad she was so pleased!
Barb's loot.  Remember...for every $25 you spend we put your name into a drawing that we hold every month.  Maybe you'll be the winner next month!
Isabel in another multi-directional scarf that she knit.  This one was made out of Color Changing Cotton.  This is a 6-ply cotton that is hand dyed individually by a small indie hand dyer.  For those of you that know Isabel was about to move to Chicago...She is indeed staying here...never fear your sock maven is still here. Come by on a Wednesday to learn to make socks from Isabel.'s easy to begin your first pair of socks.  We have lots of new colorways.
Here's some yarn beauty to feast your eyes on.  A pile of Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets in Nantucket.  This is a wool, mohair and silk blend.  You could put one skein of this into a project or knit an entire shawl out of it.  It's always hard to decide which color to pick when it comes to Ellyn's yarns.  She was busy working on a new capelet pattern last night...we look forward to seeing what this will turn into.
Sue P. has a new puppy.  After Sue met Bonnie's puppy yesterday...she knew she had to have one of her own.  When she came walking into the shop we all thought she just had a big knitting bag with her...well, a cute new puppy was inside.  Of course she was passed all around....Zosha!
Bruno stopped by to hold Zosha.  
Niki is Sheila's dog.  Sheila is one of our talented teachers.  Sheila's Niki loves everyone she meets here at the shop.  Here she is sitting like a lady. It might look like we have dogs here all the time but, that's not always the case.  We are huge dog lovers here and all the dogs that visit are very well behaved.  A few people here have lost animals recently so we are so happy for them that they have found new animal friends to love....and they've brought them in for us to meet them.

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  1. Isabel is STAYING????????? WooHoo!!!!!!!! That tremendous!!!!!
    Sue - I LOVE Zosha - adorable new furbaby to get hugz from!!!!
    And another monthly winner!
    WoW what a Friday Finale! It was Fantastical!