Thursday, February 11, 2010


The subject of swatches comes up alot at the shop.  You must knit a swatch to determine yarn gauge and needle size needed for a project.  That's what we are told over and over again.  Some of us resist doing swatches for one reason or another.  Excuses I've heard..."i don't want to", "do I HAVE to?", "i don't have time", "it takes so long...", "can't I just knit and rip it out if it's not right?".  If you knit or crochet, a gauge is essential...if you'd like your project to come out as intended in a pattern, as well as to have enough yarn to complete a project.  Well, if swatching seems tedious or unnecessary to you...let me appeal to your creativity.  Take a look at what your swatching might look like if  you turn it into a project of creativity.
This appeals to my creative side!  If one knits up a  swatch...a beautiful book could be created as a journal of all of your fiber work that you do over the years.  You could include needle size, and a photo of the finished garment/item.  Imagine it to be an album to look back upon, research what you've done, share it with friends...a sort of memoir of your yarn work.  So...perhaps looking at swatching in this way will convince you that it is indeed a part of the process...and done up with a flair it could be a beautiful and meaningful part of your fiber creation process.  

Share with us what you do about your swatching process...

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