Friday, February 19, 2010

Finished Objects Friday...

Margaret W. knit these orange and purple mittens that were designed by Kellie Nuss as "Two Pair" which also includes a pair of socks.  The patterns were in Knitter's Magazine #96, Fall 2009.  The yarn is Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball.  Such a beautiful job Margaret!

Basil Hat designed by Christiane Burkhard was knit by Elizabeth B. 
The yarn used was Mission Falls.
We've had so many folks knit this hat up in many great color combinations.
Basil Hat 
Carol H. knit this sweet tiny baby Basil Hat up for a new grandchild on the way.  She used Plymouth Baby Boutique.  This is a  microfiber and nylon yarn that is very soft...just right for a wee one's head.
Kathy P. knit this Japanese Mystery Scarf. We have this pattern available at the shop.  She used Mini Mochi yarn for this project.
Deb K. crocheted this "debbie's version" of Mini Mochi Flower Garden Shawl (granny style motif crochet).   She used Mochi Plus instead of Mini Mochi.  She also crocheted the squares together with Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets.

Beth knit and felted this great little lunch bag from a pattern on Knitty.  We love Knitty and find alot of great patterns and inspiration at this online site.  She used a nice piece of costume jewelry to adorn the bag.  

Ellyn Cooper is creating this afghan out of mitered squares.  You can find Ellyn at our shop on Thursday nights at our sit-and-knit nights. 
Isabel knit another multi-directional scarf from Feza cotton.  She is churning out these scarves at the rate of  one or two a week!
Sandee has her sock machine out again!  When you're in the swing of can knit up three pairs of socks in an hour on one of these little beauties.  Come by and see what this little marvel can do.


  1. I totally love those mittens!! I seem to have a mitten fetish going on. They are gorgeous.

  2. I have been amazed at the "swirl of color" these hats that keep coming off the needles at the shop create!!! Bright spots in the doldrums of winter!
    And such beautiful colorways on both Kathy's and Deb's shawls - just lovely!

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  4. I love all the beautiful creations. Linda, you are doing an awesome job with this blog. I enjoy reading it!

  5. I have no idea why it is coming up as knitting sheep. I never entered that name and now I trying to figure out how to correct this. If you know how to, just let me know. Lynda B.

  6. Hey Linda! That is so funny...knitting sheep is a good name though...glad to see your nephew helped with your posting. It's great to see so many folks following along with the shop's happenings. Sign up to be a follower if you feel like it! Nice to see you all last night...

  7. How do you become a follower? I'd do that - have no idea how!

  8. The time is a little off!!! It's not 7:31 am that I'm posting - more like 10:31 - a much more civilized time for a Saturday morning.

  9. Hi Sam! You scroll down and on the right is a button that says "follow" with google. You need to sign up to follow and it will direct you from there. It's great to have an online community forming! Thanks for visiting.