Thursday, February 18, 2010

New in the shop...

Bandit just back from the groomer's...
Lovely...handcrafted of fine wood, shawl pins from Harvey Brook Farm.
Noro Iro Yarn
Opal Sock Yarn
Shop Sample of a new design by Elsebeth Levold #QC11.  The yarn used for this project is Queensland Rustic Tweed.  We have a variety of colors in this yarn.
Sally Melville's Knitting Book.  We are planning on an upcoming class for The Einstein Jacket.
Crochet squares Sandee is making for the Crochet Shawl.
Shop Sample child's sock.
New shipment of Berrocco Comfort yarn...many new colors.

Our Newsletter will be out soon with a list of all of our upcoming well as being listed here in the sidebar...


  1. Bandit looks like a whole new dog. Such a pretty girl and no more red toes.

    Suggestion, please put your class schedule in the blog sidebar.

  2. Good suggestion Barb....we'll try to get this together!