Thursday, August 26, 2010

you knit this for us....

Isabel's grandaughter wrote this beautiful poem for her.  All of us who loved her so...found these words so grace filled.  This poem was posted on her friends blog and a link to it is below.

AUGUST 17, 2010

you knit this for us

from guest blogger corinne teed
for her grandma, isabel mosher teed
my grandma
who lived in a tiny cottage
built around a tree
two rooms two hallways
each with a window
looking in on the trunk of the shaggy bark hickory nut
each nook piled in with knickknacks
glass birds, ceramic vases
a palette of navies, grays and taupes
the austere faces of Royal Daulton mugs
a crossword balanced on the armrest
who had bells beneath your voice
they rang tones beneath your words
louder with your laughter
who could never spank me enough
even as an adult
three good whacks to a cheek
whenever you got the chance
a sanctuary
in my young twenties
of full acceptance and love
the first family member
I came out to
at nineteen
when I said “grandma
I think I’m gay
I mean, I think I like girls
I mean, I think I more than like girls”
and you said
in a way that made time stop
and all your wisdom pour forth
“It may be a hard life my dear
but what is most important
is that you will be happy
and you will be you.”
my grandma
your love died too young
at 54 his heart gave up
and you nestled yourself comfortably in his memory
a heart full of longing
keeping you romantic company
never to love again
orrin, the only star in your sky
I was in the air when you took your final breath
the first flight I could get home
once we knew it had turned for the worse
you had asked me to come sooner
saying “where are you?”
“get over here”
each time we spoke
and I used all the energy I had
to get to you
as fast as possible
but I realized too late
that you needed me to come sooner
since I missed the final goodbye
that gathering around the hospital bed
all five of your children present
I went to see you after
a private viewing
the funeral home
the heavy draped curtains
a somber haze around your body
but you were gone from there
I heard you laugh
as I searched in the wrong place
this body
that was giving up on you
you let go of
you are free from
the wind is rustling the corn fields
the young tobacco plants and their cloths
the smooth surface of the connecticut river
I wonder if you are there
how will you speak to us now?
what voice will you use?
you are within so many of us
your daughters’ smiles
your sons’ stubborn independence
a legacy of crafting hands
yearning to be as unstoppable as yours
and as we age
that your grace settle upon us
your charm live through us
your wisdom gather up in us
these are threads you left behind
it is no coincidence
you knit this for us
a strand tucked securely around your pinky
the English style
the pattern planned
each stitch full of intention
generations piling on top of each other
community grafted into the cloth
the grace you wove into us
the acorns are falling from the oaks
your grandchildren
and great grandchildren
are at play
their voices rising through the humidity
the sun rising determinedly in the sky
and you Isabel
are here.
This poem can be found at frantelope
This poem can be found at frantelope

Here is Isabel with a selection of her beautiful handknits at a show she did with her daughter Nancy in the fall of 2009. 

Please watch for new class listing the end of next week.  

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