Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tribute to Isabel "Izzy" Teed

Isabel Mosher Teed September 3, 1927- August 11, 2010

Our dear beloved Isabel left this world on August 11...she has left us with so much...and all with her beautiful grace. 

A  Tribute to Izzy...

"We Love you, miss you and will always keep you in our hearts...for that is where you belong.  We celebrate your life because it was a special one and it touched all of us in one form or another.  We will never forget your smile or patience or love of life.  We can only hope to do so well as you at that point in our lives.  You have taught us to knit socks, as well as about the web of life which is strong and full of courage and love for one another.  We will carry these lessons forward in our own lives as a marker of excellence and courage because that's what you would want us to do now. Your wisdom sits quietly with each us in its own special the ways that touched each of us uniquely.  So, let us sign your name to the skies and stars and never forget the love we hold between us.  
Inventory with Izzy!
Izzy wearing a scarf she made
Laughing so hard!
Dinner out...
Happy Times
'Til We Meet Again...


  1. This is beautifully written - I will miss sitting next to her Wednesdays - they were great times and I feel lucky to have known her.

  2. So sorry to hear this. She was such a sweet lady.

  3. I treasure the gift of knowing Izzy for the brief time I did - she was a woman who embodied the word, idea and deed of creativity!
    She knew that with each stitch she was including a piece of herself from head-to-heart-to-hand and off the needles...her spirit and love of knitting was evident to all she met in the shop - she will be missed...but always remembered...

  4. Thank you for writing this about my grandma. She will be so missed! For those at the services, here is a copy of the poem that i read on my friend franciszka's blog:
    It was so great to meet all of you the day of the services.
    fondly, corinne

  5. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful women. Janet