Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Learn to Knit

Getting Started Learning to Knit from About Knitting.
The very first step in any knitting project, from the simplest scarf to the most intricate lacey shawl, is the cast on.  Casting on is simply the way that you get stitches onto the needle so that you can start knitting.

There are many differnt ways to cast on, and different methods are useful for different kinds of projects.  If you are new to knitting though, there are two main types of cast on that are useful and easy to learn: the knitted cast on and the long-tail cast on.

Before we get to those, however, we have to start at the very begining with the slip knot....
go to About Knitting.com for more about this.

Of course there are all sorts of online resources for you to learn to knit....however, we want you to come into the shop to learn to knit with US.  There is nothing like sitting in person with someone to help guide you through the process.  This is the perfect time to come into the shop to sit and learn to knit so that you will be well on your way to making gifts for your friends and family in the later part of the year.  Come by, make new friends and begin a craft that will last a lifetime.  Learn to knit...that's just the beginning...!

The first day of summer is coming up this week.  Just because it's summer, doesn't mean you have to take a break from knitting.  We have lots of ideas for small projects to take along with you on all your outings this summer.  Perhaps you'd like to come out one evening during this nice warm weather and sit and chat about knitting with others that are just as enthusiastic as you are about your knitting....or just come by for a break from your routine....share with us what you're up to.  Sandee has a new bicycle that she's loving riding...so if you want to talk bikes come by and share any tips that you have for her!
Sweet Summer Ride!  Perfect basket to put your knitting needles in....

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