Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Knitting Journey

Here are some ideas and resources that might help you on Your Knitting Journey....

~Some of you may be be involved in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life programs and events.  Cascade has put out a new free download for a scarf pattern called Ribbon of Hope.  The pattern calls for Cascade Dolce yarn.

~Jacquie has created a Knitting Chart Maker and is available as a free download.  This is a great resource for helping you sort out your charts and designing.

~Knitting Pattern Generator is another free resource available online for creating charts for your knitting.  As far as we know this is the only opensource free software available for charting knitting patterns out of pictures.

~Did you know that Youtube is a great resource for knitting?  After we have helped you with a technique at the shop or if you are feeling stuck in your project you can check out Youtube for all sorts of knitting help.  Here is a great youtube video on continental knitting with Karen Ackerman-Haywood.

Knitting Goals 2010

So...some knitting bloggers are writing about creating goals for their knitting in 2010.  I was thinking about this and thought that maybe this was a good idea.  The idea isn't to get too serious about it but, perhaps a more organized approach to knitting would help me/one progress in directions new and challenging.   You could make a list that just states specific goals:
1. Learn to knit a sweater
2. Organize my needles/stash
3. Take a Class
4. List of projects to make as gifts
Or...perhaps some thinking about what you'd like to accomplish in your knitting and maybe the knitting challenges that are holding you back. We'd love to help you with any goals you are making in your knitting this year.  If you have a technique or skill you'd like to learn, we'd like to know about it and perhaps we can offer a class in this.  Is there a project you'd love to make?  We can help you with your knitting challenges. We have our helpful staff here to help you.  We have Tues. morning help available at 9:30-11:30 am with Christiane, Wed. nights 7-9pm are also helping nights if there isn't a class taking place.  Izzy is our resident sock maven and she is usually available on Wednesdays all day for help with your sock challenges or if you'd just like to take the plunge and learn how to make socks...she has taught many sock knitters over the years. You can stop by when the shop is open for help anytime.  If you have a bigger challenge and need more attention, talk to us to figure out a time that would work for the help that you might need.  Our goal is to help you feel satisfied with your knitting projects.

We love to have comments on our blog....let us know what you think!

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