Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Stockings & Upcoming Classes

Marjibeth over on Ravelry posted these colorful Christmas stockings. They were made out of Cascade 220 wool which we carry in the shop.  Cascade is offering a free pattern download for the stocking.  Cascade offers so many different colors you could start making several stockings for your christmas list for the upcoming year.  You can never get started too early!
The Newsletter is out!  Hopefully it made its way into your inbox.  There are lots of new classes coming up and each one is unique!  We are even going to begin offering more crochet classes for all of you crochet enthusiasts as well as to new folks wanting to learn how.  We have a number of beautiful crocheters that come to the shop regularly.

I'm working on getting all the classes and photos onto the blog but, there have been some, stay tuned for more information hopefully later today.

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