Saturday, August 20, 2011


9:30 am to 11:30 am
A second session will also be added.
Date and time will be determined by the class participants.
Instructor – Barbara

Whether beginner, intermediate or more experienced knitter join me on Saturday, August 27th to KNIT MITTENS.

For the BEGINNER, Bazinga yarn with size 10 dps, will yield a quick easy mitten. Along the way you will become more comfortable with knitting with double pointed needles, reading the pattern, doing increases and decreases and at the end a special, and easy bind off.
Materials – 2 skeins of Plymouth Bazinga yarn and one sent of #10 double pointed needles. This will create on pair of women’s medium mittens.

INTERMEDIATE knitters, who have already had the experience of knitting a basic mitten, the Mini Mochi Springy Ring is fun and easy.  With this pattern you can knit either a pair of mittens for a child or an adult.
Pattern is free and available with yarn purchase.
Materials – 1 or 2 skeins of Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi. Amount of yarn required depends on the size - one skein is for a Child’s Medium. Remaining sizes use 2 skeins. #2 double pointed needles. Pattern is free and available with purchase of yarn.

For the more EXPERIENCED knitters, it has been requested that we knit the Brioche Twist with Latte Mittens (Hat class will follow). The pattern includes instructions for a hat and scarf too, but in this class we will concentrate only on the mittens. Brioche knitting as defined on Wikipedia  - “Brioche knitting is a family of knitting patterns involving tucked stitches, i.e., yarn overs that are knitted together with a slipped stitch from the previous row. Such stitches may also be made by knitting into the row below (equivalent to the slipped stitch) and dropping the stitch above (equivalent to the yarn over).”  Sounds complicated right. Wrong, the pattern that is used in this class is well written and easy to follow. When completed, you will have a beautiful and very warm pair of mittens. I will also be knitting a pair of mittens along with you, so we can all work together through any questions or problems you might encounter.
Materials – Mittens – 2 balls of each color of Ella Rae Latte  and size 9 double pointed or circular needles (16 inch). When knitting the shop sample I used double pointed needles and distributed my stitches accordingly.
Pattern is available as a download on the name is Brioche Twist with Latte - cost is $5.00.

September Knit Mittens classes will include the popular Bella Mittens. If you didn’t make a pair of these wonderfully long mittens knitted with Katia Peru yarn last year, sign up for the class this fall. Other patterns will also be included in this class so all levels of knitters can participate and learn how much fun it is to knit a pair of mittens.
If you have a request for a mitten class please call the shop and let us know. Suggestions are double knit mittens and stranded mittens

The ROADMAP SCARF. We had so much fun making this scarf in August, that there have been requests by others to join in. Class will be planned for September.

A Tale of Two Hats
The RELAXED BERET pattern has become the source for two beautiful hats

The first was knitted using PLYMOUTH JULI. A very soft blend of alpaca, nylon, polyester with just a little bit of bling to bring a twinkle to your completed project. The pattern was altered just a bit to achieve a nice slouchy effect.  See tag on shop sample hat for that information.
Materials – 2 skeins of PLYMOUTH JULI, and Size 10 and 10 ½ double pointed needles. 

The second was knitted using the pattern suggested yarn – NORO KOCHORAN. Kochoran is a blend of wool, silk and angora. The colors very subtle and their gradual change results in a beautiful, soft and relaxed hat. This pattern is a quick, easy knit. Once you make one, you will want to make more. A simple and inexpensive solution to many on your holiday gift giving list.
Materials – 1 skein of NORO KORCHORAN and #10 16# circular and double pointed needles.
Pattern for the RELAXED BERET is available at YARNS WITH A TWIST – cost $5.00.

As some of you know, SANDEE has a prototype circular sock machine from Erlbacher Gearhart Knitting Machine Company here to show people this new machine being manufactured in the USA. The website for them is  This was Sandee's first pair using this machine.  She made these socks using Tofutsies from SWTC, using a 3x1 mock rib method.



Elizabeth Zimmerman Surprise Jacket was knitted by Sue Polomski using Rowans Tapestry yarns. This was a long term project for Sue, but definitely worth the wait. The sweater is modeled by Mary Ewalt. YWAT held a class for the EZ Surprise Jacket two summers ago, is it time for another one? Call the shop and let us know.

This scarf was knitted by shop regular Maralen. She used one of the many new ruffled yarns now available at YARNS WITH A TWIST. Normally the pattern suggests a narrower cast on, Maralen chose to go wider and didn't it turn out nice?  New yarns, RIPPLE, FLOUNCE and TRIANA yarn, plus CHA-CHA that came out late last fall, are all available at YWAT. Stop in soon to stock up for holiday gift giving.

Another completed project from Maralen is the Ribbon Triangle Shawl. This is a very simple shawl (and it is self-fringing) is knitted from one of the fun colors of Tartelette yarn. This shawl can be worn year round and would enhance anything you wear for the upcoming fall and winter holidays. If you are new to knitting and would like to make this shawl for yourself, or a gift, let us know. A mini-class can be set up to help you from beginning to end. 

Margaret W. just completed this pair of Double Helix Socks. The pattern was featured in the First Fall 2011 (an online magazine).When we took this photo we tried to position the sock on the right so you can see the Double Helix pattern in the heel. Beautiful job, Margaret, and kudos to you for attempting what can be a very challenging technique.

Sally S. knitted this elegant vest with two yarns - Kraemer Tatamy Tweed and Ellyn Cooper Yarn Sonnet Woolbury. Great job Sally!


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