Thursday, November 11, 2010


Mary Ewalt  was busy scarfing all week!  She created four beautiful crocheted scarves.  This first one is a Josephine Woo design called Verdue.  This was crocheted out of Ellyn Cooper's chenille yarn Indian Summer.  These scarves are going to be Christmas gifts for her lucky friends and family.

This second scarf is called Scalloped Scarf by PlanetJune.  Mary crocheted this scarf out of double stranded Chenille and Lambs Pride.  Another beauty Mary!  

Mary created this crocheted scarf called Falling Leaves.  If anyone would like this design you can talk to Mary about this at the shop.  She used double stranded chenille and Lambs Pride of Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets as well.
This is Mary's own design!  For this scarf she used Marvelous Mohair and Ellyn Cooper's Chenille Mainely Moose. did a beautiful job on all these're friends and family are so fortunate to have you creating these lovely projects!

Sam is finishing up her gorgeous Hanne Falkenberg sweater....we cannot wait to see the finished beauty of this piece!  I can imagine you on a wonderful birding trip outdoors this autumn or winter....

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