Thursday, October 21, 2010


Waiting in line to get into Rhinebeck.  Deb, Becky, Sue and Barb all went up to Rhinebeck for the weekend.  They had a great time together!



Deb in the garden...

Brown sheep in one of the booths...

Deb after a weekend of Fantastic Fiber Fun!  They came back with lots of felting ideas and projects that we will be sharing with all of you in the shop very soon.  

Sandee, Carol and Christiane also went to Rhinebeck for the day.  Here they are looking beautiful in the garden.  They also had a great time browsing through all of the fiber, events and booths throughout the day.  They came back with some wonderful kits from Philosopher's Wool.  Eugene and Ann are wonderful artists.  We so enjoyed talking with them and love their mission statement and artistry.  Check out Philosopher's Wool Full Story.

Philosopher's Wool 
Mission statement:
Our mission is to support sustainable agriculture, with about 25% of web sales devoted to that purpose. We have always been a fair trade company, producing wool yarn that is as natural and organic as possible.
We specialise in hand knitting kits for Fair Isle sweaters, shawls and cardigans.

More About Our Yarn
Our yarns are strong, produced primarily by down-type sheep. These wools are ideal for outdoor fair isle and aran style sweaters. Our colours range from undyed natural white and natural greys produced by coloured sheep to a range of dyed colours that allow us to reflect the colours of the world in our sweater designs. Our colour combinations autumn, fire, peacock, woodland directly reflect the natural world. Others, such as Kool Aid, barbequed, ocean spray, reflect our imagined and romanticized view of the world. The graphics design allow for random colouring with the range of colours we've developed and selected for our various kits, or direct you in the use of those colours, if that's what you'd prefer. Our patterns never call for more than two colours per row so that knitters are free to play with colour instead of untangling balls of wool. 

Philosopher's Wool Kits.  We will be having Fair Isle classes coming soon to the shop.  These kits are gorgeous. The colorways are interchangeable for all the different patterns that are available in the books by this company.

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  1. Looks like a great time was had by ALL!!! I really hope to make it sometime - wish October wasn't such a crazy month!