Thursday, September 9, 2010

Autumn Projects...

Ocean Serenade by Christiane Burkhard.  Christiane designed and knit this gorgeous shawl out Woole Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton.  There will be a class on this project coming up in September.   This shawl looks just  like the ocean water. It is in the shop for you to enjoy.

Barbara W. knit this Nora Gaughan sweater called Book #7.  She  used Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light.
Notes from her project:
Pattern called for 8 skeins (I took 9) I only used 7.  The last skein I rolled and then divided in half.  I would recommend purchasing required number of skeins.  The knitter can then make their own decision on whether they will need the last skein or not at the end.

Pattern calls for Size11 circular in 16" and 29".  I had a pair of 11-24" and they worked just fine for the entire pattern.  I also used the  Size 11 dpn for the sleeves and Size 8 (pattern calls for circular, I used dpns) for the collar.  Pattern, as written, does not say the size 9's are used for the collar.

Sweater does tend to roll at the bottom when knitting.  When I blocked it came out and sweater lays flat.

The decreases for the raglan sleeve as written are very confusing.  They are worked simultaneously.  I suggest writing them out instead of tryig to follow the pattern.

Even after all the confusion with the sleeves, this was a very easy, very quick knit.  I began Thursday, August 26th and completed on Sunday, September. 5th.
Ellyn knit this Striped Graduated Scarf out of 60 Quick Knits.  She used Cascade 220 and Ellyn Cooper's Highland Wool.
Sandee knit this same scarf out of Cascade 220 and Ellyn Cooper's Highland Wool.  This scarf is quick and easy and fun to do.  Ohhh hang on ....they actually have to concentrate a little bit with this project!
Barbara W. knit these mittens out of Cascade 220 and Ellyn Cooper's Highland Wool...we showed this earlier and now here is the complete pair.  These are beautiful mittens.  We'll be having a class in this project coming in October.

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